Send Your Love Through Space Meditation

Send Your Love Through SpaceLove is energy and you can send it to another person using this meditation technique. You should send it to someone you love very much or someone you hate in order to forgive and restore good relations (if you can not forgive this person and your resentment takes a lot of your energy). You can even send your love to your running nose if you want it to get better ASAP, and in fact it’s a good idea to treat yourself with the loving kindness towards yourself.

When I did this meditation and sent my love to my woman, she called me when I successfully transferred the energy of love to her.

Start meditation from doing Anapanasati Step One for 15 minutes. Imaging that you breathe in and out from your heart cahkra (your heart area). Feel how the energy comes and accumulates around your heart chakra. This is the energy you are going to send. Before sending it be sure that you are calm and peaceful inside. Do not transfer the energy of your love to anybody if you do not feel yourself peacefully, because you can transfer harmful energy.

Imaging the person to whom you are going to send the energy and hug, touch, kiss, shake hands with this person or make any other contact. At the moment you contact this person feel how the accumulated energy flows from you to this person, and repeat three times:

May you be happy
May you be free
May you be safe
May you be loved
That’s it! You’ve just sent your love. Now imaging the face of this person. If the person is smiling, then you transferred your love successfully. Usually, this person will call you during several days.