Vipassana by Goenka 10-day course – DIY in one hour guide

vipassana meditationYou can take one of Goenka’s 10-day vipassana courses. But what if you do not have 10 days for a meditation? Try to do it yourself at home in one hour with our easy to follow guide.

Vipassana is practiced to develop steadiness of mind, nonreactivity, neutral awareness, mindfulness by observing physical sensations and the body’s reactions to them. The main benefit of this meditation is reduced emotional reactivity, you will become less frustrated, irritated, hurt, insulted, upset, angry, scared, less often, and it passes more quickly.

Vipassana Short Instruction

  • Sit in a comfortable position;
  • Bring your attention to the sensations of air going in and out of your nostrils. Don’t try to change your breath pattern, just observe it, whatever it may be. Observe, if you can sense it, the change in temperature at the rims of your nostrils. If not, simply note whatever sensation is there, be it pressure, moisture, dryness, itching, pain… Anything you can feel. Perhaps you can feel the air rushing down towards your upper lip. Practice this stage 15 minutes;
  • Slowly scan your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes with your awareness. Observe the sensations on the surface of your body. Practice this stage for 45 minutes;