Sat Narayan Wahe Guru Meditation

Sat Narayan MeditationSat Narayan Wahe Guru is a mantra which is chanted to create inner peace, happiness and good luck.

The full text: Sat Narayan Wahe Guru Hari Narayan Sat Nam.

Below you will find two translations: 1) the translation from Panjabi that was given to me by an Indian meditation teacher in Rishikesh, 2) the translation that I found on the Internet. Exact meaning of the mantra in Panjabi is “Our guru is true like Vishnu, Vishnu’s and our guru’s names are truth”.

Translation: Sat Narayan: 1) Sat means truth, Narayan means Vishnu, 2) Sat Narayan is True Sustainer;
Wahe Guru: 1) Our Guru, 2) Infinite Wisdom, the Guru Mantra, the mantra of ecstasy, chanting it elevates the spirit;
Hari Narayan: 1) Hari is a Krishna’s name, Narayan means Vishnu, 2) A creative source (makes the one who chants it intuitively clear or healing);
Sat Nam: 1) Sat is truth, Nam is name, 2) True Identity (Sat means the Truth; Nam means to call upon, name or identify with, means Truth is my identity and I call upon the eternal Truth that resides in all of us.).

This mantra brings purity of consciousness, clarity of mind and perception. A person with low self-esteem can become completely majestic by chanting the mantra. This meditation can help you to clear your mind and to look beyond this world to realize the Infinite, and “go with the flow”.

Short instruction by Max Wilhard. Learn the mantra words. Turn on the video and learn all the gestures. Turn on the music (you can use the video) and repeat the mantra and the gestures for 10-30 minutes. Enjoy)!

Explanation of hand movements by Max Wilhard

  1. Hands goes behind the shoulders: this gesture means that you throw away all your problems and sorrows;
  2. Hands moving up: the kundalini energy moves up;
  3. Finger triangle against your forehead: your third eye opens;
  4. Namaste hand position: thank you God;
  5. Open palms go up: lotus flower grows from the mud;
  6. Left and then right hand goes around the head: I clear my mind;
  7. Hands on the shoulders: I love, accept and hug myself;
  8. Hands on the heart chakra: I feel compassion and love;

Video Tera Naam – Sat Narayan Peace Meditation

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