Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation (Kirtin Kriya) Instructions and My Experience

Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra This mantra in Sanskrit describes the continuous cycle of life and creation. It is used to increase intuition, to bring balance into your mind and life, to bring emotional balance.

Saa – Infinity (totality of the Cosmos)
Taa – Life (birth of form from the Infinity)
Naa – Death (or transformation)
Maa – Rebirth

Short instruction. Sit straight. Relax. Chant the mantra together with Tera Naam 30 minute. While chanting press the thumb with the four fingers. SA press the thumb and the first together. TA press the thumb and the middle finger together. NA press the thumb and the ring finger together. MA press the thumb and the small finger together.

My experience

During SATANAMA meditation on June 12, 2015, in Vikasa, Kho Samui infinite joy overwhelmed me. My soul was soaring above the sea in the rays of the morning sun and it joyfully soared up and dropped down, making wild leaps up and down, right and left, turning over and whirling like a young playful puppy. Joy and bliss were so strong that they started to hurt me and tears appeared in my eyes. It was one of the best spiritual experiences in my life.

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