Ha Ha Ha Meditation

Laughing Monkey“What laughter can do for you? Laughter relieves stress and relax the whole body. It boosts the immune system and release endorphins to relieve pain. Laughter prevents heart disease by increasing blood flow and improving the function of blood vessels. Laughter diminishes anxiety, fear, improves overall mood, and add joy to your life. Laughter is also known to reduce allergic reactions related to dust mite allergy sufferers.

Laughter also has some social benefits, such as strengthening relationships, improving teamwork and reducing conflicts, and making oneself more attractive to others. Whether you are trying to cope with a terminal illness or just trying to manage your stress or anxiety levels, laughter is a significant enhancement to your life.” Wikipedia – Laughter

Short Instruction by Max Wilhard. Sit straight in the meditation position. Lift your hands in front of you 30 degrees to the floor, your palms down. Start chanting slowly ha ha ha ha. In 3 minutes raise your hands up 30 degrees and start chanting ha ha ha ha a little bit faster. Repeat last step until you raise your hands up (180 degrees to the floor) and you chant ha ha ha ha very very quickly, when you raise your hands up start laughing. It will happen naturally itself. Laugh for 12 minutes. Total time of the meditation is 30 minutes.