Parmarth Niketan Ashram


Price: 600 Rs a night a standard room, 1,600 Rs a day luxury room. All the courses are included in the price. Outside visitors can not visit courses, you have to pay for a room to visit classes,

Food: I lived in 600-rupee room and I had to pay for food separately, although I read on other blogs that food is included in the rental price.

Available Courses are listed on the website

Certification: you can get a yoga teacher certificate if you take 24-day Yoga Teacher Training Course.

My impression: to me, the ashram is not as beautiful as everybody writes on the Internet and as I expected. The staff at the reception is not friendly, they do not smile in response. This place has left an impression of a dirty old shabby 2-star hotel. No spiritual atmosphere. I paid for 3 nights, but I left it the next day as the room was very dirty. They won’t give you bed-sheets, so you’ll have to sleep without bed-sheets. They don’t want to show the room before you pay for it, and after you pay the refund is impossible. But this is the most popular ashram in Rishikesh, it’s almost always full, and you have to book a room in advance through their website. I visited a morning meditation, there was no students at all. We had an Indian music the first 30 minutes, the next 30 minutes an Indian man was telling something in an unknown language.